Weekly Wrap – PriceGeek.com, RawNut.com, 6wk.com Plus How to Change Your Domain Name Without Losing Rankings

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap! Checkout this week’s top listings: WebsitePrice.org, an appraisal site that estimates the website’s market price by gathering, collecting and analyzing data from 16 internet resources has currently received 13 bids with a current price of $1,350. FoodZep.com, A social site for foodies and restaurant owners has a starting price of … [Read more…]

Google Analytics verified traffic & revenue breakdowns Now Live!

Hello All, We are excited to announce you can now add Google Analytic verified traffic stats and extended revenue details to your listings! This information will greatly increase buyer confidence and give your listing a leg up over the competition. If you already have a listing at Freemarket, here’s how to add them: Adding Google Analytic … [Read more…]

Weekly Wrap – IntegrityInvoice.com, DomainBrick.com Plus Tips on How to Add GA Verified Traffic Data to Your Listing

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap. Big news for the platform this week: we have released integration with Google Analytics to provide verified traffic data on websites. Please check out the blog post for more info! Our featured listings this week: MartinFields.com, a 13 year old trademarked business selling premium screen protectors and phone cases has … [Read more…]

Weekly Wrap – Worse.com, FashionLifestyle.org + 29 B2B Growth Hacks

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap! There has been a large number of high quality websites and domains added this week and we have handpicked for you some of our best listings: SocialClickMarketing.com, an SEO marketing company established in 2009 with thousands of potential customers is on sale at $6,000. Worse.com, single dictionary word premium domain … [Read more…]

Weekly Wrap – Sendity.com, Kul.li, MediFund.co + 27 Metrics for Your Website Growth

Welcome to this week’s Freemarket Weekly Wrap. We have had some great new additions to the platform this week including some nice 4 letter and brandable domains, as well as websites with very interesting ideas ranging from funding future doctors to an automated emailing service. Check out this week’s top listings: Kul.li, a 14 years … [Read more…]

Weekly Wrap – HugeHotels.com, Classifieds.eu + Bulk Listing is Now Live!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released our new Bulk Listing feature! We’ve been beta testing the feature for a few weeks and improving it based on your feedback. Now instead of listing your websites and domains individually you can do it with one click. See the platform details section below to see more details. … [Read more…]

New Filters Released – Find your ideal websites and domains easier!

Having trouble separating the good listings from the bad? Then get excited – we’ve released new filters to help you find exactly what you’re after. The community both on Freemarket and our sister sites Freelancer.com and WarriorForum.com have been asking for easier ways to find listings since our launch. We’ve listened to the feedback and … [Read more…]