Kitten Shah, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics Co-Founder talks about building a 1MM SaaS business

Kitten Shah, a world renowned entrepreneur and business man talks exclusively to Freemarket’s sister site about building a 1mm Saas Company. In this video Kitten talks about many things including: Marketing. Software businesses solve problems for marketers and finding new marketing channels and creatively leverage existing ones is key. Businesses have grown primarily through … [Read more…]

New Filters Released – Find your ideal websites and domains easier!

Having trouble separating the good listings from the bad? Then get excited – we’ve released new filters to help you find exactly what you’re after. The community both on Freemarket and our sister sites and have been asking for easier ways to find listings since our launch. We’ve listened to the feedback and … [Read more…]

Tips to Safeguard Your Online Transactions

Security should be your top priority when transacting online. Credit-card information can be stolen, accounts hacked, and a host of other costly security breaches can happen. Whether you have an e-commerce ambition or harbor an online shopping addiction, read on for tips on safety during online transactions. Use a Secure Connection If you’re using an … [Read more…]

What Type Of Buyer Are You?

Buying a website can be a nerve-wracking experience and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand new buyer or an experienced investor. No matter what your situation is, the first thing to do is understand what type of buyer you are, where your motivations lie, and figure out the next steps you should take to build … [Read more…]