New Filters Released – Find your ideal websites and domains easier!

Having trouble separating the good listings from the bad? Then get excited – we’ve released new filters to help you find exactly what you’re after. The community both on Freemarket and our sister sites and have been asking for easier ways to find listings since our launch. We’ve listened to the feedback and … [Read more…]

Weekly Wrap –, Plus NEW Features to Help You Find Hidden Gems!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the weekly wrap. Top new for this week – we’re excited to announce that we’ve released new filters and improvements for searching listings on Freemarket. You can now find listings ending soon, just listed or with specific domain extensions (you can even add your own!). Additionally we’ve made it … [Read more…]

Weekly Wrap –,, Plus More Awesome Websites from Freemarket!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the weekly wrap – where we discuss Freemarket and the industry. The team here has been busy at work ironing out the kinks for our upcoming Bulk listing feature. We’ve also released several changes to notifications so that you know when someone is trying to get more information on … [Read more…]

Buying On Freemarket

Nowadays, the market is ripe for e-commerce. You can make serious money from digital goods with much less capital than other forms of investment. So, if you are a technology entrepreneur on the lookout for the perfect, budget-friendly website or domain, Freemarket has got you covered. Here’s how to buy domains or websites on Freemarket. … [Read more…]