Weekly Wrap – DailyTechDeals.com, SmarterSEO.com + Tips on how to get featured in the weekly wrap


Welcome to the weekly wrap, check out the top listings this week:

9xbuddy.com, A site that provides the fastest and easiest way to download videos from youtube, twitter, facebook, dailymotion, soundcloud and many other sites. It has over 1 million verified monthly pageviews and 150k unique visites and is currently sitting at $4,250.

BuyMinions.com, a site that is riding on the wave of the much anticipated animated film. Has 13,000+ unique monthly visits, social media accounts with thousands of followers and unique content, is currently bidding at $4,500.

Trilabo.com, a PR4 affiliate marketing platfforms that promotes online courses and makes positive revenue, could be yours for as low as $500.

WeBuildDesign.com, a popular web design blog with over 400 articles and over 20,000 monthly unique visits, has just started its auction at $5,000.