Weekly Wrap – VapeStar.com, MrWedding.com + How to change your domains without losing your SEO juice


Welcome to the weekly wrap! Be sure to check out this week’s featured listings and articles below:

CyberFreeWishes.com, a technology blog with very high Alexa ranking and over 45,000 months pageviews has received ad sponsorships from serveral major websites and has a starting price of $10,000.

9zuz.com, a French lifestyle blog with popular social media accounts, has grown its traffic at lightening speed over the past 2 months and is currently bidding at $800.

VapeStar.com, a vaporizer webstore carrying numerous major brands, has reached over $3,000 in monthly sales and is at a current price of $1,000.

Nextdeals.net, a starter site featuring coupons and discount information has grown its traffic very quickly and is already generating revenue. It is currently at a bargain price of $150.

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