Weekly Wrap – Delusion.com, Return.net, BuyShares.com + Marketing Hacks and a First Approach to UX

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We hope you have had a great week! The market is really heating up – we’ve had a bunch of single dictionary word premium domains added to the platform this week. Also we have a great new feature waiting to be released, so please stay tuned!

Check out this week’s top listings:

Delusion.com, this is a great single dictionary word domain, aged 19 years, very brandable and is currently at a price of $10,000.

FluffyOrDie.com, a profitable ecommerce store with a larged amount of included inventory and $1,000 claimed monthly revenue is currently at a price of $4,000.

ListCult.com, a fun website with articles on bizarre and human oddities, has verified monthly pageviews of over 10,000 and a current price of $700.

Order.flights, a starter site for searching and booking trips, flights and hotels has grown its traffic exponentially in the past few months and is currently bidding at $550.

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