Weekly Wrap – LuggageHero.com, GameVPN.net + Best Practices and Strategies for Smart Marketers

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap! We got some great news – our sellers are rapidly adding Google Analytics verified stats to their listings. This means that buyers can have more confidence bidding on these listings and sellers get more bids. Pro tip – the listings with GA verified traffic will rank higher in search results, so add them to your listings if you haven’t already!

Check out this week’s top listings:

MintPoint.com, a website for discount coupons and vouchers with a good Alexa ranking has received 5 bids and currently priced at $1,520.

GameVPN.net, a fully developed online strategy game offering a large multiplayer environment is currently bidding at $390.

SouthBourne.net, An PR3 UK based local area guide, news and business directory with GA verified traffic and included social media accounts is currently priced at $635.

What were reading: