Bulk Listing Explained


Now that Bulk Listings is live, we’d like to explain how it works so you don’t have any issues or problems. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to post multiple domains on Freemarket.com:

  1. Log in to your Freemarket.com Account and open Post a listing page by clicking the POST YOUR WEBSITE OR DOMAIN button on the upper portion of the screen.4
  2. Tick the selection for Multiple Domains.
  3. Enter the domain names separated by commas on the box provided. Click the Set Pricing button when done inputting the domain names you wish to be posted. (Please take note that a maximum of 250 domains is allowed to be processed at the same time. )6
  4. There are two ways to set prices for domains that would be posted through bulk listing:
    1. Prices could be set on bulk.
    2. Prices could be set individually as well, depending on your preference.7
  5. Click the Post Listings button when done setting up the prices.
  6. An email verification would be sent to the WHOIS email registrants to verify the ownership of the domains. Simply click on the link to accomplish the verification process.

Congratulations! Your domains are now and ready for bidding. You may edit the individual descriptions or add attachments to your listing so buyers will be more interested in your domains.