Weekly Wrap – HugeHotels.com, Classifieds.eu + Bulk Listing is Now Live!


We’re happy to announce that we’ve released our new Bulk Listing feature! We’ve been beta testing the feature for a few weeks and improving it based on your feedback. Now instead of listing your websites and domains individually you can do it with one click. See the platform details section below to see more details.

With the release of this feature we’ve had an influx of more great websites and domains – check out the ones we’ve highlighted below and visit the site for more awesome listings!

PetHealthDepot.com, a amazon affliate site for pet supplements and health solutions is at a great price of $15.
2SpeakLanguages.com, a website selling online courseware for over 40 languages currently at $15.
NoMoreMomJeans.com, a well aged fashion blog targeting trendy moms is currently at $40.
HugeHotels.com, an easy to remember domain name for a potential hotel booking or review site, is currently on 6 bids with a price tag of $55.
Platform Update
Bulk Listing is now live! To use the feature select Post a Website or Domain and click on Multiple Domains. Enter in your domain names, set a price and duration and select Post. We’ll send you a ownership verification email to the Whois registered address – one click to verify and all your domains are now live and ready for sale. We’re keen to improve the feature so if you have feedback feel free to send it to “stefan@freelancer.com.”
Sales worth noting this week:

photo credit: The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne, Vic. via photopin (license)