Weekly Wrap – Screenslump.com, YouthEffect.org, FashionLifeStyle.org


Welcome to this edition of the Weekly Wrap! We have some big features to announce soon, look for updates in our next weekly wrap and on the site. In the meantime check out some of our great listings and sales.

ScreenSlump.com, a website to help you find what movie to watch next is getting good traction and is currently priced at $450 with 8 days left.

MLMBlogPost.com, a marketing blog with tons of original content has rocketed up to $5120 with 7 days left.

FashionLifeStyle.org is a news website with tons of fashion articles, come grab it at a low price of $20 before it ends in 2 days

YouthEffect.org is a steal at the current price of $200.


Sales worth noting this week:

LatestPet.com – $1,500

TechnoShooter.com – $40

AndroidSilverProgram.com – $1,300

CashItFree.com – $1,999


photo credit: TheToch via photopin cc