Weekly Wrap – Gamble.info, Weights.co, Plus More Awesome Websites from Freemarket!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the weekly wrap – where we discuss Freemarket and the industry. The team here has been busy at work ironing out the kinks for our upcoming Bulk listing feature. We’ve also released several changes to notifications so that you know when someone is trying to get more information on your listing or an offer has been made. Stay tuned for more release info and please take a look at some of the excellent websites and domains for sale on Freemarket:


GetaMeme.com, a site for creating and uploading memes is showing good activity today and is now at a $67 price tag.
SEOServicesPoint.com, an a la carte SEO services website has met reserve and heading upwards with new bids in the last few hours is now at $85.
AdministratorHub.com, a review and information site about system administration topics got 4 bids in the last hour and is looking strong at $76.
RockAddicts.com, a great domain for fans of rock music is getting a bunch of traffic at $47
Sales worth noting this week:





photo credit: brotherM via photopin cc