Selling On Freemarket


Many business-minded individuals habitually stockpile attractive domain names but never put them to use. If so, why not make some cash out of your unused domain names or websites? Some domain names cost only $2, while others can be sold for millions. With sites like Freemarket, the selling process has become much easier.

Freemarket is a simple and straightforward platform for selling digital properties. Listing websites or domain names is free, and there are no hidden fees. With over 13 million professionals, you’ll be able to tap into the biggest market for buyers of domains and websites within — as well as outside — the internet marketing community. Keep reading to learn more about selling your product through Freemarket.

Listing Your Website or Domain

To list your website or domain on Freemarket, make sure you are logged-in to your account. Next, click on ‘POST YOUR WEBSITE OR DOMAIN’ then enter your site details, including the listing type (website or domain) and URL. Afterwards, describe your item, such as a tagline for your listing, its category, subcategory, and description. You may also add attachments to your listing so you can attract more buyers. You’ll have to set your auction duration and selling price, as well as provide your website’s traffic and financial details, such as monthly visits and page views. You’ll also receive the option to promote your listing in whichever way you prefer, whether as a featured, highlighted, or private listing.



How The Payment System Works

Freemarket uses a built-in payment service to hold the buyers’ funds while the seller transfers ownership to ensure a safe transaction. This guarantees that the money to purchase assets is available, and that everything goes smoothly during the handover process.

Another key benefit is the low cap on sales, which is only 5% commission regardless of the total. With free listings and the lowest fees on the market, offers you the best value for selling your domains. You’ll be able to sell your digital asset at your preferred price.

Securing Transfers and Handovers

The best way to protect yourself from defaulters is through the assistance of a secure domain transfer and an escrow-like service which Freemarket has. The escrow-like system lets buyers deposit money with us before purchasing. The transaction takes place through our secure domain or website transfer system, which is safer for both parties. This is how Freemarket’s secure handover process works to ensure the security of your assets and payments.


Getting Your Payment

After you’ve transferred ownership to the buyer, it’s time to receive your payment. Every site has its own procedure and system. Freemarket is built using the same secure frameworks and systems as Freelancer, which has handled over a billion dollars worth of payments.

Once the transfer is finalized, you can withdraw funds from the escrow account to your personal account. Once the amount is ready for release from the escrow account, you’ll be able to transfer the money via PayPal or wire transfer to your own personal account.

Save yourself from credit card fraud, charge backs, and insufficient funds by ensuring your domain name or website selling platform’s system is trustworthy and secure. Freemarket lets you experience peace of mind and convenience through their safe handover process which include payment verification prior to transferring ownership, securing payment once specifications are met, and more.