How To Set Up A CNAME Record


At Freemarket, one of the ways you can prove that you own a listing is to make modifications to the CNAME record of the site. But what is a CNAME?

A domain name magically turns a complicated, raw IP address like into a user-friendly lump of text like Many users, however, still manage to misspell or type in the wrong url, and stumble into the 404 error page. It helps redirect users to the correct location and makes DNS data easier to manage.

Here’s how to add a CNAME record on some of the major domain name registrars.

GoDaddy is a giant in the web hosting service industry. They’ve built a customer base by providing cheap package deals including domain registration and web hosting. If your domain is hosted by GoDaddy, follow the steps below to add a CNAME record and verify your website.

  1. In the DNS Zone File, click Add Record.
  2. From the Record type list, select CNAME (Alias).
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Enter an Alias Name — Enter the subdomain name for the alias assignment. (e.g. www.)
    • Points to Host Name — Enter the host name the alias will point to.  (e.g. Type @ to directly map the alias to your domain name.)
    • TTL — Select how long the server caches information.
  1. Click Save, and then Save Changes. The new CNAME record will display in the CNAME (Alias) section.


This domain registrar offers a simple five-page starter website (or a “super” domain parking bundle) for all domain registrations. They also provide free domain transfer and private domain registration to shield personal information, as well as an email account with 2GB of storage.

  1. Log in to the 1&1 Control Panel using your domain name or Customer ID, and password.

If you have only one package, you’ll land on the Administration page. For more than one package, select the package in question to reach its Administration page.

  1. Choose the CNAME option.
  2. Select the box next to the domain or subdomain. Then click the DNS button, and select Edit DNS.
  3. From the Domains panel, click the Domain Center link.
  4. Type in the CNAME address in the Alias text box.
  5. Check the box to acknowledge that you’re aware all current DNS settings will be disabled by using a CNAME instead.
  6. Click the Save button to proceed.
  7. A confirmation page will be displayed that the settings have been saved and are updating. is more than a website for simple domain name searches. They offer alternative suggestions, including domain names that are “unavailable” or currently held but up for auction.

Add a CNAME DNS record to your domain name through these steps:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. At the “My Account” page, click on your domain name, which you’ll find toward the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose the “DNS Management” option on the “Manage domain name” page,
  4. Next, on the “DNS Management – Record” page, select the applicable “Add a record” link.
  5. Press “Submit.”
  6. Fill out the empty fields.

After completing the last step, the page should refresh. Afterwards, you’ll see “A record has been added for” across the top of the page. To verify the creation of the record, click “Continue managing domain.” Your newly created DNS record should now be listed on the “DNS Management – Record” screen.

Take note: Changes can take up to 48 hours to take effect. Make sure you avoid CNAME records that redirect to other CNAME records, which may create infinite loops and other errors.