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What is Freemarket

Freemarket, a company, is an online marketplace which facilitates the exchange of digital goods particularly, websites and domains among tech entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors, webmasters, and operators of web properties. On Freemarket its completely free to list your website or domain and we secure payments during transfers. The best part – you pay nothing unless you make a successful sale!

How It Works

Freemarket is easy to navigate. It works in three ways:

  1. List the item – Sellers can post both websites & domains and can add pricing and duration details as well as average traffic and revenue.
  1. Receive bids – Once listed, buyers can search for the listing, enabling them to bid or buy.
  1. Handover the listing & get paid

In our aim to provide our users with secure transactions, we equipped the handover process with an escrow feature which holds the buyer’s payment before the transfer of ownership. The seller then transfers the website or domain and when happy the buyer will release payment.

Why Choose Freemarket

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Freemarket best meets your demand for a reliable platform to buy and sell domains and websites. Apart from ease of use, here are some more reasons why you’ll love us.

For sellers:

  • Post a listing for free
  • Receive a guaranteed payment by holding the buyers payment in escrow
  • Enjoy the lowest fees so they can earn the highest ROI possible
  • Connect with millions of potential buyers through the Freelancer network

For buyers:

  • Access to wide range of premier listings
  • Powerful searching tools that make it easy to find the perfect listing
  • Bid at no cost
  • Only pay when 100% satisfied with the transfer of domain or website

 Who’s using Freemarket

Freemarket caters to anyone but has a large community of tech entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors, webmasters and operators of web properties who aim to expand their business or generate profit through buying and selling of domains and websites.

How to Sign-up on Freemarket

It’s easy to sign-up for an account on Freemarket. Just follow these simple steps.

1.  Go to our homepage or or type in on the address bar

How to sign up step 1

2. On the homepage, click on the ‘Sign-up’ button.

How to sign up step 2

3. A pop-up will appear. Input the information needed to create an account. To complete the process, you must verify your account through the confirmation email you will receive. However, if you already have an account with Freelancer, you may simply click on the ‘Log In’ button that may be found at the bottom part of the pop-up window then log-in with Facebook or your e-mail.

        How to sign up step 3

4. After signing-up, browse through the page to get a better grasp of the site, and to find how to make the most out of Freemarket.

        How to sign up step 4