Buying On Freemarket


Nowadays, the market is ripe for e-commerce. You can make serious money from digital goods with much less capital than other forms of investment. So, if you are a technology entrepreneur on the lookout for the perfect, budget-friendly website or domain, Freemarket has got you covered.

Here’s how to buy domains or websites on Freemarket.

Step 1. Browse The Marketplace

Click on Browse Marketplace to discover our listings. Scroll through available websites and domains on Freemarket. You may also filter search results to find the particular price, revenue, number of visits, category, item or listing type you’re looking for.


Step 2. Choose a Website or Domain

Select a listing to learn more about it. Check out its description, financials, traffic, stats, and other details. You’ll also be able to communicate with sellers through the discussion board.


Step 3. Place Bid, Buy-It-Now or Make an Offer

Once you find the right deal, you can either select place a bid, a buy it now offer or a custom offer. If you win the listing through one of these methods, there will be a handover process between you and the seller.

Place Bid, Buy-It-Now or Make an Offer

Step 4. Handover of Listing

Once in handover, it is the responsibility of the buyer to make payment into their Freemarket account, to be held until receiving the listing from the seller. Exchange of the listing happens via discussion board and external services and once satisfied, the buyer can release payment to the seller.


If you have any problems along the way don’t worry, our support team is available 24/7 to help. You can contact them via email at