5 Buying Tips for Secure Online Transactions


Nowadays, bad guys aren’t limited to shady street corners or public markets. They can be found online, too! That’s why Freemarket has equipped you with ownership verified listings and secure payments. There are always, however, a few more ways you can guarantee a safe and successful transaction experience. Before you bid or buy, keep these tips in mind.

Use Familiar Websites

Instead of using search engines, start looking at familiar and trusted sites. Think twice about typing in “websites or domains for sale” on Google since the search results can be manipulated to lead you off track. Chances are you’ll get ripped off or divulge sensitive information like credit card account numbers, social security numbers to false websites. Freemarket is protected by some of the most sophisticated security software in the world, so you should always feel safe transacting here.

Secure Payments

Ensure your credit card details and other information is passed securely between the customer and merchant, as well as between the merchant and payment processor. Freemarket uses frameworks and systems guaranteeing secure payments powered by Freelancer.com, which has handled over a billion dollars worth of payments.

Create Strong Passwords

It’s important to periodically change your password to keep it safe. Anybody aware of your password may access your account. Following smart password creation techniques (ex. never use personal details in a password)  are never more important than when banking or transacting online.

Stay at Home

Public computers aren’t the safest avenue for online transactions. If you absolutely have to, remember to log out whenever using a public terminal. Be aware of any over-the shoulder snoopers who might be interested in your credit card details. Freemarket only requires you to enter in account details once. Afterwards, buying a domain or website is as easy as clicking “Buy It Now!” or “Place Bid.”

Review The Listing

Before closing in on a deal, make sure you’ve fully reviewed all information about the listing and the seller. Although Freemarket.com ensures that you see only verified, quality listings, you’d want to make sure that you’re happy with the details of your choice, and that you end up with the perfect purchase for your needs and budget.